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Please note that on Wed 14 Sep and on Thur 15 Sep, the school will be dismissed at 1 pm, and on Fri 16 Sep at 12.25 pm. This is for the preparation of the afternoon GCE N(A)/N(T)-Level Listening Comprehension Examination on those days. CCA stand-down will be from Mon 19 Sep to Mon 17 Oct for the End-of-Year Examination.

Aiss in the News!

VI sport 2.JPGReport featured Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School (AISS), which had been taking in visually impaired (VI) students since the 1960s. Following feedback from its VI students, the school hired a special coach in August 2014, to train them in PE. Report carried the following comments from AISS staff and students (read more...)


Music Preparatory Course (MCP) & Enhanced Music Programme (EMP)

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About AISS Homework

AISS believes in the usefulness of homework.  Homework refers to any learning activity that students are required by the school to complete outside of curriculum time.  This includes assignments and projects but not revision of school work or studying for tests and examinations.

Homework provides parents / guardians with:

(a)          timely information on the learning progress of their child; and

(b)          opportunity to be involved in the child’s learning.

Homework, also can reinforce students’ learning, contribute to their progress and cultivate a healthy disposition towards learning.   

AI PAS Guide to Learning

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In AISS, we believe that our students can grow in intelligence through effective effort.

They are able to cultivate habits and routines to facilitate their learning.

AI PAS guide to learning sets the learning protocol standards we expect of our students as AI students strive to be confident, self-directed learners with the right habits for learning.

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